Young Adults


Redeemer finds itself in an exciting season of redefining what it means for young professionals to experience community at our church. We’ve noticed a growing desire within our young adults for diverse relationships, organic mentoring, and spiritual encouragement. We’ve also seen Redeemer grow into a vibrant multiethnic and multi-generational community. This combination of desires and available resources has propelled us into a new season for young adults at Redeemer!

Beginning this fall, we’re inviting young professionals to take steps toward the “center” of Redeemer. We’re hoping integration will mark your experience this year. We’d like to encourage you to weave yourself into diverse community, new relationships, and areas of service both inside and outside the church. How can you do this? Consider these suggestions to get you started:

  1. Join a multi-generational Community Group at Redeemer.
  2. Explore ways to use your gifts within the community. There are plenty of needs. Which needs do you resonate with? Where does the community need help? Sign up to serve.
  3. Participate in the broader rhythms of the church. From Women’s and Men’s events, studies, and gatherings, to Redeemer U classes and forums, to participation with Hope for San Diego, there are exciting ways for you to deepen your experience at Redeemer. View Event Calendar.

Community Groups

Community groups are the center of church-life at Redeemer. They provide the context for friendship, spiritual formation, and missional vision as we follow Jesus. Our hope is that every young professional at Redeemer will get plugged into a Redeemer Community Group. While some of our groups are specific to young adults, others are more diverse and intergenerational. You can explore the groups that are offered and sign-up through the Community Group Finder here, or contact Peter Nelson, Redeemer’s Community Group Director at .


We want you to know what's going on at Redeemer. Here are three ways to receive news and updates:

  1. You are encouraged to contact Community Group Director Peter Nelson at any time. He can be reached at .
  2. Click here to receive Redeemer’s weekly E-news in your inbox.
  3. You can join our Young Adult Facebook group by clicking here.


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