100% SENT 

Redeemer wants to see and be an active participant in the Gospel renewing all the nations, and we believe that God calls all of his people to be engaged in this work!  Our goal is to further the Great Commission through helping to start churches in cities around the world and through showing God's love and hospitality to those who have recently relocated to San Diego from different places around the globe. We are all 100% SENT - each of us called to be Salt & Light to the world. 

Get Involved       Pray for our Global Partners

Help us start 5 new churches in our partner cities this year.

Starting new churches is one of the best ways to bring renewal to a city, and we invite you to join us in this important work! This challenging task requires a lot of prayer, effort, and funding. If you want to talk about how God could use your gifts to further this work, please contact . To donate to our missions ministry, click here (please select "Missions" in the dropdown menu).

Local San Diego Mission Trip (July 24-30)

The call to make disciples of the nations is not only a call to travel overseas. We have amazing opportunities right in our backyard. If you want to gain experience in how to live on mission while interacting with people from different cultures, we want to invite you to spend a week living on mission with us right here in San Diego from July 24-30. You will grow deeper in your faith as you seek to be a minister of the gospel and you'll have a lot of fun doing this with a team from Redeemer! Register here.

Host an International student from UCSD 

Ever wanted to serve with Redeemer on missions but couldn't get time off from work? Ever wondered about the countries Redeemer sends their mission teams to (China, Japan, Thailand, Mexico, UK)? Here's a chance to meet people from these countries right here in San Diego---glocal (global/local) missions. Every fall, many of our Redeemer families enjoy hosting UCSD International students in their homes for a few days. This is a great way to make a new friend and to learn about other cultures, all while also meeting real needs. The vast majority of international students are never invited into an American home, and their time abroad is often a lonely experience for them. Showing hospitality and love goes a long way to these students! If you are interested in becoming one of our volunteers by hosting a UCSD International student please click here

If you have any questions about Redeemer's Missions Ministry, please contact .