Missional Living

What does it mean to live on mission?

At Redeemer, we believe that God longs for his children to love well and to share Christ--the reason behind their hope--with those around us.  However, we also understand that sharing our faith with our friends, family, and co-workers can be intimidating.  

Because feelings of anxiety and uncertainty are common for most of us, we wanted to share some helpful and practical resources. We hope that you'll spend some time listening to these videos and/or engaging with the tools provided.  We also encourage you to discuss these videos and/or share your story with a friend, spouse, or some people in your community group.

Resources for Missional Living

Circle of Friends Prayer Exercise

Hindrances to Missional Living and How to Listen to our Friends Well

How to Write/Tell Your Story (option 1)

How to Write/Tell Your Story (option 2) 

Videos on Missional Living

Gospel Fluency

Gospel Identity

Gospel Environment

Gospel Practices