Paul Kim

Lead Pastor

Bryan Schafer

Pastor of Congregational Care

Jonathan Kerhoulas

Pastor of Spiritual Formation

Hunter Benson

Pastor of Mercy & Missions

Dick Kaufmann

Global Pastoral Development

Ministry Leadership

Alex Fine

Worship Director

Kyler Wright

Student & Family Ministry Director

Katherine Loftis

Kids Ministry Director

Peter Nelson

Community Groups Director

Aimee Joseph

Women's Ministry Director

Dave Friese

Director of Education and Counseling (Consultant)

Tricia Langowski

Finance Director

Melissa Blakey

Communications Director

Cassie Horg

Welcome Coordinator

Laurie Chen

Administrator and EA to the Lead Pastor

Tanya Jewell

Special Projects / Website

Melissa Beck

Office Manager/Faith and Art Coordinator

Cali Cline

Student Ministry Manager

Alan Yu

5th & 6th Grade Coordinator

Susie Lee

K - 4th Grade Coordinator

Ashley Medina

Nursery - Preschool Coordinator

Danielle Kerhoulas

Toddler Class Coordinator

Ivette Berglund

Waddler Class Coordinator

Eric Peng

Preschool Class Coordinator

Ted Kim

Redeemer Kids Intern

Susie Fikse

Hope for San Diego Executive Director

G'Joe Joseph

Director of Campus Outreach - San Diego (Consultant)