Hope for San Diego


Mercy and justice for the poor and marginalized are at the center of God's heart.   As the platform for mercy ministries at Redeemer and a separate 501(c)3 non-profit, Hope for San Diego enables us to partner with other churches and multiply our efforts towards bringing renewal to our city. 

Hope for San Diego raises awareness, engages volunteers and provides financial resources to trusted affiliates (local non-profit agencies) who are holistically and sustainably serving poor or marginalized populations across the city.


Recent Stories

What would you do with $50,000? Hope for San Diego had the exciting opportunity to answer that question this year, awarding more than $50,000 to our non-profit affiliates in their work to serve the poor and marginalized throughout San Diego. Read More


A Different Kind of Highway You’re probably not surprised to hear the I-5 North in San Diego is the second busiest highway in the United States. You’ve sat sweltering in a traffic jam, trying to make your way to L.A. or the beach on a Friday afternoon. Imagine a similar highway, facilitated on the internet by pimps and gang members, a route for traffickers to transport unwilling victims to their next exploitation. Read More


To learn more about Hope for San Diego and ongoing volunteer opportunities to serve the poor and marginalized visit hopeforsd.org or read the latest newsletter here.