Exploring My Faith

At Redeemer we are committed to helping our kids and students develop a living and vibrant faith in Jesus. So we have created the class Exploring My Faith for them to ask questions and to gain a deeper understanding of what they believe.

The goals of Exploring My Faith are threefold:

  1. To communicate the essentials of faith in Jesus Christ in a focused environment;
  2. To challenge our kids and students to thoughtfully reflect on where they stand in their journey of faith; and
  3. To provide resources for parents to dialogue with their kids and students to help determine whether their child is ready to profess faith in Jesus.

Exploring My Faith will meet for 4 weeks: February 25, March 4, 11, 18 and has been split into 4 different sections to deliver faith essentials in an appropriate setting. The course content is the same for all 4 groups; however, sections have been created to maximize relevance and learning.
Section 1: 2nd - 3rd grade, meets during 1st service (8:30am in the Dome)
Section 2: 4th - 5th grade, meets during 1st service (8:30am in the Loft)
Section 3: 6th - 8th grade, meets during 2nd service (9:45am in the Loft)
Section 4: 9th - 12th grade, meets during 2nd service (9:45am in the Dome) 

At the end of the class, for those kids and students who do make a profession of faith in Jesus, we will have a ceremony during the 3rd service on May 6th where students will be affirmed before the church congregation, baptized (if necessary), and take their first communion. Following the service will be a special celebration lunch and celebration with all kids and families.

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