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Fall is here, which means community groups will be launching soon. If you're interested in joining a group, please complete our interest form and we'll be in touch soon!

Community Group Interest Form

What is a Redeemer Community Group?

Community Groups are the heart and hub of life at Redeemer. These small groups provide everyone at Redeemer a place to connect to intentional community. The format of each of our groups varies but they all share one common vision – to seek the relational, transformational, and missional power of the gospel together in community. No matter what age or stage of life and faith you are coming from, there is a community group for you.

How does this look?

Our groups range from 8-20 people. Family, intergenerational, young professionals, men's and women's groups all have different group rhythms but they all follow our community group calendar. Each year is split into two halves or semesters. Each semester the group gives time to transformational study, relational connection and missional service.

It's more than just a meeting.

Jesus doesn't just save us as individuals; He saves us into a new community. Our groups helps us remember that Jesus did mean for us to go to church, he calls us to be the church. The bible shows us that spiritual formation cannot happen apart from active participation in a life-together community centered on the gospel. This type of community is much more than just another event or meeting on our calendars but a group of people who share a mutual commitment and whose lives regularly intersect. Our groups regularly meet all together but also make time to connect in "everyday" life - because that's what it means to be a community; to be the church.

A community centered on the Scriptures.

Jesus Himself enters into a community through His Word. The transforming power of community is activated when we purposely and lovingly work the gospel into our group and informal conversations. Gospel "intentionality" recognizes that we should bring Jesus into all of life, so every conversation, issue, discussion or problem is an opportunity to discover the riches and depths of who Jesus is and what He's done with the help of our community of friends.

It's not all about us.

A community that is ingrown and closed isn't very interesting or attractive. But Jesus said the world would know He was sent by the Father by the compelling attractiveness of our community life. A true love for God always overflows outward. This is why our groups are intentionally missional - seeking ways to bless our friends, neighbors and co-workers together.

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