Discipleship Project Classes

Redeemer Discipleship Project Classes


IDENTITY  (Class Date: TBD)
This sphere is the gateway to all the others. We live in an age of self-definition. We’re told that purpose and identity are up for grabs and up to us. But this has left us confused, frustrated, and searching. This class will help us understand who and why God made us. While we all have many roles to play (father, mother, friend, co-worker, plumber, engineer, teacher) – we have one identity “in Christ” that gives shape to every role. 


Our families and relationships are often the most precious yet pressure-filled parts of our lives. In our modern quest for love and a sense of belonging, we’ve replaced a relationship with God for relationships with others. This distortion causes all sorts of relational dysfunction. In this class we will discuss how Christianity provides a filter for understanding how to relate to others and give us a resources to heal from all types of broken relationships while developing new and healthy ones.


Our contribution to God’s mission through the church is a significant piece of living out our calling as Christians. Each of us is uniquely gifted and equipped to extend God’s mission in the world. Together we’re called to embody a unique counter-culture within society, living with Christian distinctiveness as both the gathered and the scattered church. This class will discuss practical ways to live this out.


WORK + REST (Class Date: May 19, 9:30 to 11:30 am)
In a hyper-paced society where innovation and productivity are core values of nearly every industry, it’s no surprise that we have an unhealthy relationship toward work. Understanding our work, why we labor, and what it means to reflect God as a “worker” saves us from manipulating our work and demanding it define us. In this class we will explore the rhythms of work and rest. Healthy rhythms of work and rest can help us bring about renewal in the world.


NEIGHBORHOOD + JUSTICE (Class Date: May 19, 9:30 to 11:30 am)
Our city and world are full of diversity and difference. The rich textures of the human community provide a window into the God who made us. But these differences, when combined with sin, can cause friction, resentment, and at times disdain. Nations, cultures, cities, and families are often divided by color, language, and gender differences. In this class we will learn to live together, to fight against injustice, and to serve as a voice for human dignity, which is a mark of genuine discipleship.