CBR (Community Bible Reading) is our resource for daily Bible reading at Redeemer.  CBR is a tool for reading the Bible meditatively and prayerfully in community. This year our plan will begin at the beginning of the bible with the book of Genesis. It's a great to chance to start or re-energize your rhythm of personal bible reading.

To kick start our effort toward experiencing the spiritual synergy of reading the Scriptures as a church, we will be reading the book of Genesis in community groups and offering classes to help orient to Genesis as well as offer guidance for difficult questions.

Pick up a CBR journal on a Sunday. Everything you need to start is in the journal. You can also use our CBR website to read and to journal (we recommend you bookmark the CBR page and add to your smartphone).

CBR Website with Daily Reading

CBR Overview - Audio

Revelation - Audio

Revelation - Handout

Ephesians - Audio

Ephesians - Handout

Chronicles - Audio

Chronicles - Handout

Galatians & Philippians - Audio

Galatians - Handout

Philippians - Handout

1 & 2 Corinthians (plus new to CBR overview) - Audio

1& 2 Corinthians - Handout

Luke Overview - Audio

CBR and Luke Overview - Handout

Samuel - Handout

Samuel - Audio

Acts - Handout

Acts - Audio

Romans - Handout

Romans - Audio

Kings - Handout

Kings - Audio