Redeemer’s Care Ministry

Redeemer Care is a ministry of the Church that reaches out to people within our family of faith who are in crisis or are facing challenging circumstances, and offers tangible help.

This is done by a member of our care team (our care team is made up of Pastors, Elders, members of the Diaconate, and church leadership team) by meeting with an individual, assessing their needs, and then working together with them to find solutions. Our role is to express the love, mercy, and grace of Jesus Christ and to provide care that will lift people out of difficult circumstances and to make them whole in Christ.

How We Help

This is accomplished through prayer for the person in need, as well as answering questions, and providing counsel or referring them to a counselor. Our family of faith can receive help in many ways. Below are a few examples:

  • Financial assistance for basic living expenses (rent, food, utilities, medical, etc.)
  • Financial assistance for Counseling Services
  • Job search coaching
  • Care groups for difficult life events such as divorce, death, and aging
  • Prayer, spiritual guidance and accountability
  • Meals for those with special circumstances
  • Biblical stewardship and budgeting guidance
  • Counsel to support services throughout the city

When we first meet up with a potential care recipient, our focus is helping someone who is undergoing hardship, with the acknowledgement that this can only occur with total dependence on Jesus Christ. Apart from Him, we are unable to help anyone spiritually or otherwise. We offer practical help in a number of ways, including helping with getting connected to available resources, assisting with counseling, helping with budgeting, providing emotional and spiritual support, and extending financial aid.

Normally our care is meant to provide assistance that is temporary and short-term in nature; with the hope and expectation to see the recipient’s situation improve so that they no longer require our assistance.

The Care ministry is entirely funded by the donations of individuals at Redeemer. Because our funding is limited, we direct financial support to the neediest within the congregation.

Upcoming Care Group: GriefShare

(Tuesdays, Sept 25th - Dec 11th)

GriefShare is a support group for anyone grieving from the loss of a spouse, child, family member, or friend. Each week, we will watch a short video of real people's stories as well as hear what has helped them with their hurt and pain. After the video, we'll have a guided discussion.

When & Where: This 12-week group meets on Tuesdays from 6:00-8:00pm, at Redeemer, from September 25th to December 11th. 


How to Get Help

  1. Contact us 

Contact Pastor Bryan Schafer at 760.753.2535 x 10 or by email- .

  1. Assessment

You will need to meet with a member of the Redeemer Care Team for assessment to determine your needs and how the care team might be able to help based on a list of criteria (such as the severity of your need, your affiliations with Redeemer, type of need, and asset information).

  1. Getting Care

You will be assigned a member of our care team. Our goal is to partner with you and see your situation change over time until you no longer need our assistance. This partnership is a two-way street. We expect you to be honest with us and to make full disclosure of your financial situation. You can expect us to strive to understand you, encourage and love you in Christ, provide for your basic needs when appropriate, and pray for and with you. 

Financial Assistance

If you need immediate financial assistance

The people of Redeemer have given generously to our care fund and its purpose is to provide financial assistance to those in our family of faith who are in need. If you wish to make a contribution the Redeemer Care Fund click here.

Information on financial assistance

If you are seeking financial assistance, we will first ask to go over your budget. Requests will be considered based on your basic living needs. Each request for financial assistance goes through a review process sometimes involving several people. You may be asked to let go of nonessential living expenses before assistance is approved. Financial assistance may continue over time; however, it would be with the intent of reducing and eventually discontinuing our financial assistance when appropriate. The care fund does not provide loans under any circumstances. Please understand that financial assistance is not guaranteed, and that the Care Team is not always able to provide it.

Frequently asked questions

Do I have to be a member to receive help?

No, but members and regular attenders have priority in receiving financial assistance .

Do I have to be a Christian to receive help?

No. Even if you are wrestling with Christianity when you come to us, our calling is help you become familiar with the gospel (salvation by Christ) because the core of our ministry is to rely on God’s provision for you.

How many people will know about my situation?

The Care Team adheres to a strict confidentiality policy. Only those that need to know or who are working with you will know your identity. In addition, no one who does not need to know the details of your situation will be told about them. With your prior written approval, some information may be exchanged with others who are critical to providing care for you, such as a counselor, pastor, or a Community Group leader.

There are special circumstances when the Care Team is obligated by law to share information with appropriate parties. These include the following instances: threats of suicide or homicide, indication of child abuse, or by a subpoena or court order.

How often will I meet with a Care Team member?

The frequency of meeting depends on various factors such as the nature of your situation and your financial, emotional or spiritual needs. It can range from once a week to once a month or even once a quarter. There can be phone and email contact as well.