Our Vision for "Belong"

The word “belong” is an emotional term. Its definition is simple enough to understand. Yet its meaning is profoundly personal because it begs you to ask the simple question “Do I belong?” – or better yet – “Do I belong to someone else and does someone else belong to me?” Answering those questions is a starting point for a conversation around the theme of belonging.

One of the central ways to understand the message of the Bible is as a story about belonging. God created us for relationship. We belonged to Him. But we didn’t like the terms of the relationship as God drew them up so we redefined them for ourselves. The result of that decision, however, was a whole new set of problems that pivot on the question, “Now where do I belong?” The yearning for an answer to that question is, in many ways, the crux of our search for meaning apart from God.
Christianity offers a compelling answer to the question of belonging. It announces first and foremost that you belong to God. We are his by way of creation, he made us. But we are also his by way of the cross of Christ, by way of redemption. The word “redemption” means purchased or acquired or bought and has profound implications for how we understand belonging. This will be unpacked more later. But here’s where we hope this conversation will move from a detached concept to a personal conviction.
As Christians we belong to God because of grace. This is the “good news” of the gospel.

"Grace creates a community of people that are accepted and loved despite their imperfections. It implies that no one needs to perform to be included."

Grace radicalizes the heart to love and serve for the common good and not just our own interests. This experience of being “purchased” also drives us to be an inclusive community, a group of people with a common vision directed by the God who invites us all – no matter our class, gender, ethnicity, or our past – to belong.
Because we believe we belong to God and to one another for the city, we’re eager to be a church where these values are “worked-out” and “walked-out” in community. We desire to be a church where individuals are valued, loved, encouraged, and even challenged to use their gifts in creating that same experience for others, friend and stranger alike.

Here are a few ways you can join us in our "Belong" vision:

  1. Download our "Field Guide to Belong." This is a 3-week companion guide that can be used devotionally and in group settings.
  2. Join a Community Group. These groups are the heart and hub for community life at Redeemer.
  3. Find ways to serve the community of Redeemer.  Sign Up to Serve.   Listen to "Belong to One Another" Sermon.
  4. Look for ways to serve the city with Hope for San Diego.  Listen to "Belong for the City" Sermon
  5. Look for ways to invite others into our community. Be intentional in engaging others in your neighborhoods and workplaces.
  6. Meet with a pastor at Redeemer. We'd love to answer questions and assist in Redeemer feeling more like home. Contact Pastor Jonathan
  7. Learn more about Christianity. Contact Pastor Hunter

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