New To Redeemer

Thanks for your interest in Redeemer Presbyterian Church!  At Redeemer, everything we do is built on the belief that the gospel renews everything. 

God spiritually renews us as we engage Him in worship and connect with one-another in community.  In our worship and smaller gatherings the Bible is central because we believe its message of grace should be the foundation of all we do.  Grace prevents self-righteousness and provides the power for lasting life-change.

Redeemer is a place where you can explore the Christian faith in a way that is safe.  Your views will be respected and we encourage everyone to investigate the faith in a gracious and thoughtful way.

We also believe God is passionate about cultural renewal.  We celebrate the beauty of music and art.  We bring the teaching of God's word to bear on the challenges of the marketplace.  One of the greatest blessings of our church is the diversity of people who call this church home.  In a culture where birds of a feather flock together, we see the gospel at work creating a beautiful mosaic of people who share the same passion to be gripped by God’s amazing grace.

Lastly, we are deeply committed to social renewal–being a church for our neighbors and communities.  This means that we use our resources to help meet the needs of our communities, and look for ways to serve North County San Diego and beyond.  Extending God’s mercy to our neighbors is not simply a program at our church, it is a central part of who we are. 

Thank you again for visiting our site, we hope to see you soon on a Sunday!